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Pulp Fiction

(Revisiting an old theme).

Come suck me off while I read the part where Jesus gets flogged. :-3

Monday, November 13, 2017

Hiking Free

This is me setting up my camera in the woods before taking the shot that I used for the latest entry in my Why Nudism? series. In addition to that shot, I have another one taken from the back:

I was only going to take a few shots and then get dressed (because I wasn't all that far off the path, and these days you can't go anywhere outdoors without running into other people), but the weather was beautiful (unusually so for this late in the year), and I felt so comfortable and at peace in the great outdoors with my full body exposed to the open air, that I couldn't resist at least walking for a little bit before getting dressed again. I guess you could say the spirit of freehiking took over. Although, I didn't get far before I got distracted...

Oh noes!! Nudism gone wild!!1

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Why Nudism? (Part 12)

(Don't worry, I'm completely aware that I posted Part 13 out of order. I just thought it was the perfect theme and the perfect number for Halloween. The order of these posts is pretty much arbitrary anyway. I'll probably reorder them in the final series when it's done, if it even matters what order they're in).

Freehiking - the practice of hiking nude, usually in state or national parks that are not specifically designated for nudism, but are spread out enough to allow for a moderate expectation of privacy - is a popular nudist pastime, especially for those nudists who do not have convenient access to a gated club (and sometimes those who are developing an interest in nudism, but haven't worked up the courage to visit an organized community yet). It also dovetails quite nicely with the ethos of "naturism" - nudism from a naturalistic standpoint. What better way to enjoy the great outdoors than to do so naked, the way Mother Earth intends? If it were up to me, all state and national parks would be clothing optional, and freehiking would be as popular a pastime as skinny dipping.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

On Top of the World

With many thanks to my "assistant", without whom these pictures would never have been taken (the wind was actually blowing my tripod over!).

So, we were on top of this tower with a commanding view of the countryside - and of the path leading up to the tower. What's more, you have to climb four flights of rickety steps to get to the top, so there's plenty of time to make yourself "presentable" if you see or hear somebody coming. (Although there's less coverage in the fall when the trees thin out).

At the tail end of an impromptu photo session, I was preparing to perform a back bend for the camera, when my partner noticed a few people coming up the trail down below. She was, understandably, a bit skittish, but I knew I had plenty of time, so I went ahead with the back bend anyway (knowing there were people approaching), trusting my partner to hurry up and get the shot before she went into panic mode.

And I still had plenty of time to get dressed before the visitors reached the top of the tower, none the wiser for what had just been transpiring there, at which point the two of us took our leave. But the real kicker was that the new arrivals were wearing t-shirts indicating that they were part of some church group. :-3 But hey, no harm, no foul.